Is Race Real?

“An anthropologist who proposed using race as a serious way of describing human variability would be laughed out of the profession—not for reasons of political correctness, but because the idea displays a manifest ignorance of biology. More than 60 years ago, M. F. Ashley Montagu demolished the concept of “race” in his book, Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race (1945). Nevertheless, like many a bad idea, the notion persists that there is some useful purpose in classifying humanity into five, six or a dozen races. But it persists at the margins of anthropology, among popular-science books and in the nonscientific imagination. Living humans share too recent a common ancestor for there to be many deep-seated biological differences among us. From an evolutionary standpoint, we are all Africans.” (Fair Use License) Read More…

– Dr. John Shea, professor of anthropology@Stony Brook University and a research associate with the Turkana Basin Institute in Kenya. He earned his Ph.D.@Harvard University in 1991 and has conducted research in Israel, Jordan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Tanzania. 

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