Race is a Myth.    

The Anti-Racialism Movement (A.R.M.) hopes to reinforce this truth with valid information about the One Human Race, transforming communities through a modern day enlightenment.   As a society, we may have largely claimed to reject the scourge of racism.  This cannot truly be the case as long as we doggedly cling to the root cause of that racism, Racialism.

Combating Racialism Through Education

Science tells us Race is a Myth!  The belief that humans can be subdivided into distinct biological subcategories is called Racialism.  All racism, from the subtle to full blown bigotries, begins with Racialism.  Very few belief systems have had such a negative impact on society as Racialism.  Today, we see society yearning for a greater understanding of this issue with so many people instinctively knowing the truth…