Facebook Denies Race Science

The Anti-Racialism is beginning to establish a list of organizations, agencies, districts and companies that deny the science concerning race and add to existing racism by promoting the race myth called Racialism. Some will make this list after being offered a racialism questionnaire. Others will make the list by their actions as in the case of Facebook Inc. which has chosen to suppress the truth about the scientific consensus concerning the race myth. All those that make our racialism list will be removed once they issue a public proclamation opposing racialism and accept the scientific understanding of the mythology of race and its historical origins.

Those that make the list will also be ranked by A.RM. by how influential their opinions are to society and therefore what negative impact they are having on society. Here at A.R.M. we are about forgiveness, conversions and making allies. Still, it is important that those committed to making a better world, free of racism, by eliminating the race myth from broader society need to know which organizations and individuals that stand against them.

To this end, we encourage supporters of A.R.M. to contact Facebook and encourage the acceptance in science. We also ask those concerned, that with publicly traded companies like Facebook, that you contact you investment advisor and divest in such companies.

Author: Admin