About Us


A movement to bring true equality to all!

A.R.M.  (Anti-Racialism Movement) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan grassroots movement dedicated to correcting the false belief, Racialism.  It is our understand, that science has thoroughly discredited Scientific Racialism which is responsible for the current widespread belief that human beings can be categorized into distinct biological races.  Essentially, RACE IS A MYTH that has come to have varied detrimental impacts on human civilizations.  Furthermore, we understand that the bigotry which is racism is the direct and constant result of Racialism and that to truly defeat racism, Racialism must be defeated through reason and education.  A.R.M. is dedicated to providing the many resources and organizational unity that will be necessary to put this failed belief system behind us and take humanity into a new age of enlightenment where human beings are no longer racially categorized socially or by the governments.  It is our hope and dream that future generations, empowered with knowledge, will come to be judge only by the content of the character rather than any false radicalistic classification.